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The long forgotten Bad things Christianity had done - History remember what they did to our ancestors (read this)

Am not here to take side on any Religion, but I just want to shake some table using Reno.

Am an isese - am AJE NLA 

Let's see what Reno says 

Too often, we think history began just two weeks ago. This may be because of Attention Deficit Disorder. No. We have thousands of years of history. Let's talk about the Crusades. 

There were eight Crusades in history where Christians from Europe invaded Palestine (now called Israel) and the Middle East, leading to the wanton slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Jews and Muslims. 

What about the Spanish Inquisition? Hundreds of thousands of Jews were evicted from Europe by Christian kings between between 1478 and 1834. Who gave them asylum? Please fact-check me. The Islamic Moors and the Muslim Ottomans gave these expelled Jews refuge. They did not kill them. Rather, it was in Europe that they faced pogroms. How many pogroms have there been against Jews in the Muslim world? 

During that time, non-Christians in Europe were subjected to hell on Earth. 

Fast forward to the conquest and colonisation of Latin America by the Spanish Conquistadors. Literally, millions of people were given the choice of death or forceful Catholicisation. Am I lying? Move over to the take over of the country now known as Canada. European Catholics and Anglicans killed thousands of native Americans. Same thing with Aborigines in Australia. 

Then, let's address the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. At least the Muslim Arabs allowed their slaves to read al-Quran. Are you aware that Europeans created a special Slave Bible that took out the book of Exodus, where the Hebrews overcame slavery and any other portions of the Bible that talked about freedom and equality of humankind? 

Please research this and expose me if I am lying. 

There have been more than one hundred wars on Earth in the last decade. How many of them were caused by Islam? Most of them were induced by imperialists who called themselves Christians. 

When there was Apartheid in South Africa, who helped them with weapons and money? The Palestine Liberation Organisation. The PLO was then Muslim led. That is why South Africa is today supporting Palestine.  

So, please stop this vilification of Islam because of what is happening in Plateau and Benue. 

Many Nigerians are unaware that the farmer/herder clashes are not new. Lord Lugard faced them and wrote about it. Yes. To understand what is occurring, we must study what Lugard and his successors wrote about this recurring challenge. 

Please don't be so ignorant as to think it is a new phenomenon. We live in the social media age, so you get the news in real-time. One hundred years ago, fifty years ago and twenty-five years ago, it was not so. But it was still happening. You were just not aware of it. 

Clashes between herders and farmers are as old as time itself and were what sowed the initial seed of discord between Cain, who was a former, and his brother, Abel, a herder. Now, if occupational rivalry can lead to bad blood between brothers, to the extent that Cain killed Abel, how much more between strangers? 

Even Lot and Abraham had to separate because the insufficiency of land for grazing livestock was leading to fights between their servants-Genesis 13:7.

Lugard sounded out the herders of that time, and their chief complaint then was that in preparation for the planting season, farmers usually burnt the grasslands, which made it impossible for them to graze cattle. 

Those saying this is about supremacy between Islam and Christianity do not understand that a significant amount of herders who self-identify as Fulani are not Muslims. They are often irreligious or animists. Do not allow the term Fulani to confuse you. Fulani pastoralists are different from settled Fulani. 

Reno Omokri 

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