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The snake that never died - Eleriko are snake that have lived a thousand years


The snake that never died - Eleriko are snake that have lived a thousand years

Have you heard about the story of ancient snakes that could live for thousands of years.?

Those stories or legends are not myth, they are real. The fact that they are passed down from generations to generations orally and there is no prove of their existence doesn't mean they are fabricated stories or made up.

I know people would say where am I getting this stories, I must commend the effort of this people IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, egbe Orun in their thousands which I have visited and explore, egbe imole, egbe Ogun, awon ela, awon eda ATI gbo gbo egbe in the universe and multiverse. I would not forget the role of OBATALA, ORUNMILA, OLOKUN, OSUN, YEMOJA, OLOSA, LUKOSI, AGEMO, SANGO, OYA, ESU, ORISA IBEJI...This are just few I could remember as at this time of writing this article.

The above names or individual or groups are my mentor,teacher,guides and they are the ones behind my stories and write up.

I have been able to meet a lot of people but most importantly ERINLE, a direct descendants of ERINLE just as I am the direct descendants of OBATALA. Which make be believe more in myself that we are not alone and there are people out there who travel in this spirit .

Back to my article .. This are the source of my article and I must give them their credit for their relentless effort on me

What you don't know is that snakes don't die.

A snake has a lot of stages when it comes to growth. A snake can live up to a thousand years if giving the permission and it also depends on the specie of the snake involve, the spiritual growth of the snake .

I used to tell people, snake is not a bad thing at all. Many of you have been to churches and they told you that you have a snake spirit, and so what exactly? Why are you feeling sad because someone call you a snake?

Was it not OLODUMARE that created all things? If OLODUMARE doesn't want snake to exist he)/she would have terminate their existence, the same goes for imaginary Satan in Christian books and Islam . Why can't their biblical supreme being kill Satan and end the suffering of its devotee?

There are more than a million species of snakes and they are yet to be discovered by man and they can't discovered it all before the end of time. Those in the spirit realm only show you things when you are ready for it and only when they decide to show you or what they decide to show you.

Am not going to lie to you, I have my own snake and it's more than a thousand snakes when we want to count the snakes given to me from various groups according to my reward cos I earn them with hard labour .

Being also a direct grandson of AGBODERE, my family ORISA. The great hunter who turned to snake . The story of AGBODERE was one of the first article I wrote on this blog you can search and read.

AGBODERE has been with me since I started this journey and he has link me up with millions of snakes, infact this article is not enough to talk on AGBODERE and his effort on me.

I once hate snake before but now I see them as family, it dare not bite me and he won't because I myself am a snake, having more than a thousand snake as Spiritual pets .

So I want to ask again,what is the big deal in being a snake? What is wrong in being a snake?

Eleriko are snakes, take it or leave it.

After spending a fruitful years of good service to OLODUMARE and the ORISA, the snake is giving permission to transform and come to land , to be born as human being .

This is the story of the egbe orun group called Eleriko.

They are snakes, natural snakes who work tirelessly to be granted the permission to transform into human and be born a human.

Eleriko are water snakes, the live inside water.

Why would you allow a weak and low soul to tell you that you are a demon?

Snake is far more important in everyone's  life .

You can't do without snake, if you want to grow Spiritually you need a snake .

Go and read books of the ancients, you would see a lot of snake symbol up and down. Now ask yourself , why snake?

I wrote am article about the white garment church, do you know it was founded by a snake?

The name of the snake that founded the white garment church is OSUMARE. A snake that live in the seventh heaven, half snake - Half human.

You can read about 777, seventh heaven on

Oh my God, I still have a lot to say but I would out a stop here.

I am OLUWO AJE NLA +2347031178647. For spiritual growth and guidance, consultation whatever.

I am here to bring spirituality to people . We need to be a spiritual traveller. We are born to do that, to explore the universe.

People think or thought you have to be an Ogboni to travel the universe in the spirit but it is not so.

Some people thought that Ogboni are people with the highest level of knowledge in the universe but it is not .

You don't need any cult to fulfill your destiny, to travel the spiritual realm.

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