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The Yoruba Oruko

The Yoruba Oruko (Name); The EDE OODUA word for name is "oruko." Oruko is one of the sixteen sacred spiritual organs that make up your total being. 

An oruko must have a meaning reflecting your spiritual essence. It is not just a "name" in the European sense, but a spiritual word of power.

The sacred oruko is given to a child during the naming ceremony. However, in antiquity a person also acquired another name during early adulthood, a name that he gives himself. 

It is important that you define yourself. The Odu Ifa tells us that we must reinvent ourselves and rename ourselves.

When you are of African descent but carry a European or Arab's name, it is like an ant with no antennas. You will never find your way home.

 You must have an oruko, a name reflecting your spiritual essence. A European name--even if you like its meaning--cannot reflect you simply because the European languages are insufficient at explaining spiritual reality, only an African name can properly encapsulate the nature of your relationship with divinity.

By Arábìnrin Sola

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