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What exactly are we doing for the betterment of our tradition?

What exactly are we doing for the betterment of our tradition?

What development are we working towards?

What will our children meet after we are gone?

Lot of Babalawo/Iyanifa see this Ifá as their personal business, their source of income but still if Ifá is your source of income, what outcome are you giving Ifá?

From all what we are gaining from Ifá, what exactly is Ifá gaining from us?

In the whole world today, we have 190+ countries, how many countries is using Ifá as their official way of life? 

Many of we Babalawo/Iyanifa will travel oversee, after coming back, we will start singing:

Ifa is taking over the world

The novice do not know

The question is, where exactly is Ifá taking over? 

Is it in America? London? Germany? Or in our bank account?

Let us start promoting our spirituality not with ordinary words but also with action. Ifá is blessing so let us show Ifa some blessing from what he has done for us.

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