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When you see this sign, you are dealing with Fake babalawo


When you see this sign, you are dealing with Fake babalawo

Someone ask me how can you recognize a fake babalawo from Original Babalawo.

For me a fake babalawo is one who has failed to identify his spiritual purpose, a fake babalawo is one who is still fully not aware of the spiritual change that is happening in the spirit realm .

These are the few features of a fake babalawo

Always in a hurry : They are always in a hurry that you should buy their product or do spiritual work with them. They just want to rush you and they are in a hurry hurry kind of thing. They don't know that life is in stages and in process, you don't rush things and things don't just happened. It take time.

More interested in the money than your spiritual growth:  They obviously don't have anything to offer than the money you want to offer them. They don't give spirituality. Just spiritual work and no essence of the divine whatsoever.

Always against nature. - They tried to do things which are naturally against nature . Taking for instance they can promise you that you would get rich in seven days, they can claim that there is something you must do to make sure a particular person is yours for life.  When it comes to love, let nature do her thing.

They are more interested in what they can gain than what they can offer.

Their spiritual work is not standard but their charge is too expensive.  They exploit your weakness, they sell product that would relief you at the moment but doesn't take way the problem.

They make a big deal out of everything. They got angry over small issue etc. They feel they have all the power in the world and so they misbehave.

They are power drunk and not having an ounce of humility at all.

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