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Why am I not seeing my egbe orun after egbe orun initiation?

Why am I not seeing my egbe orun after egbe orun initiation?

Have seen many messages and request saying even though they have done their egbe orun initiation, they still can't see their egbe orun or communicate.

The reason for those is because the babalawo or iyanifa who did the egbe orun initiation doesn't have the authority from ORISA egbe to do egbe orun initiation for anyone yet they are doing it.

They just do egbe orun initiation for you which Is more like Sara or appeasement.

No matter how much package they buy or how much materials they buy.

You will never see your egbe orun. You just waste your money and you might have to do the original one from an authorized babalawo or iyanifa.

Those with authority are not always popular or known but most of you are looking for someone who is popular on TikTok,FB, IG to do your egbe orun initiation.

Those on TikTok etc are just looking for what to eat, they have not been to the realm or know how to get to the realm.

How would they link you with what they don't know?

ORISA egbe is a very strict woman with a strict instructions.

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