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Why do other Religion hate Yoruba Religion (isese)

Why do other Religion hate Yoruba Religion (isese)

This is very simple and I would explain it to you better now .

Other religion teaches nothing but hate towards themselves, they don't just hate Yoruba Religion but they hate themselves.

Imagine someone going to CAC for instance, while that person is a member of CAC every member of that church would love him and visit his business in the name of Love.

But the moment you leave the CAC and go to Redeem, you become an enemy of those members of CAC.

Now do you understand the word hatred now?

Members of winners dont like members of Celestial etc . Is that love.

Church doesn't like themselves, each church think they are in their own way better.

Many people who are going to church are full of evil than tradition people.

Most churches you see today contain more evil than anything, some churches have dig human parts on the alter, some churches uses black power in the name of Jesus.

Back to the main topic , the reason why other religions sense isese people and hate us is simply because they would loose customer.

I can't imagine a pastor doing egbe orun, is it in the bible?

I can't imagine imam doing spiritual work , is it in the Qur'an?

They stole everything from isese and they want to extinct the source. Why?

They want to control power they don't have.

If you think you have better reasons why other religions hate isese, please let me know 

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