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Agbigbo the death bird

Agbigbo the death bird

Agbigbo is portrayed in f!Sf! Ifd as an evil bird. 

It is regarded as a treacherous and dangerous bird who acts as 
an agent for Death and other supernatural powers.

 One ese IFA 
claims that this bird was originally a bastard born by one 
of Qrunmihl's wives. QrUnmila taught him, along with his own 
children, the secrets of divination but he proved himself a 
bastard when he deceived QrUnmila forcing the latter to curse 
him with the aid of E~u. 

This was how he became a bird of 
the forest. Several ese IFA also explain that Agbigbo got the 
tuft of hair on his head because of his treacherous deeds. 

In the following excerpt, Agbigbo acts as an agent of Death. 

He goes about carrying the coffin of Death and in front of the 
house of whosoever he puts down the coffin, the householder 
is sure to die soon after. One day he carried this coffin to the 
house of <)runmila but he encountered E~u outside the house. 

E~u intervened and begged Agbigbo to accept birds and animals which <)r\lnmila had used for sacrifice instead of himself. 

When he had left, E~u cursed him with the result that the coffin 
got stuck to his head and could not be removed. That coffin 
is now represented by the tuft of hair on the head of the 
Agbigbo bird. 

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