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Irinmodo the queen of all tree

Irinmodo the queen of all tree

lrinmodo A road leads here from this direction,
A road leads here from that direction. 

The junction of two roads forms a pointed spot.
Ifa divination was performed for IrinmQdO
Who would be installed as queen of all forest trees.

Ifa installed lrinmodo as a queen.
Qrunmila married IrinmQdO as a wife.
Ifa installed IrinmQdo as a queen.
In ese IFA , IrinmQdo is said to be the queen of all trees. 

This tree is perhaps the tallest and biggest West African hardwood. It is taller and more imposing than Ir6ko. 

But unlike Ir6ko, it thrives only near fertile river valleys. In the following excerpt, ORUNMILA. is said to have installed IrinmQdo as the
queen of all trees. 

lfa made IrinmQ<io a queen.
Ifa made Irinmqdo a queen.
Qrunmlla married Irinmqdo as a wife.
Ifa made Irinmqdo the queen of all trees. 

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