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Is it important to know who is blocking your progress ?

Is it important to know who is blocking your progress ?

A lot of people have come to me wanting to know the person blocking their progress in Life.

Anytime I come across people like that, I always ask the following questions.

Would you arrest the person?

Would you send kill the person?

Would you beat the person?

Would you kidnap the person?

Would you fight the person?

And the question list is unending .

You are the reason why you fall in the wrong hand ,you are the reason why fake babalawo are eating your money .

You are looking for who to blame, and they would give you reasons to be angry at an innocent person.

I always make this illustration.

You are walking on the road and then suddenly a dog came out of no where , harass you and bite you in some part of your Body before leaving .

What would you do?

Majority of the people on this mess would chase the dog, start looking for the owner of the dog, start asking questions like what did I do, why am I the one that was bitten by the dog.

While you are doing all this children investigation of yours, you are no more focused on the task or where you are going, you are distracted.

The wound is still there and you didn't take care of it, later the wound would turn into something bigger.

Instead of looking after your health you are asking questions .

If someone told you that your mother is your problem,would you kill her? Is killing her going to solve the problem?

As a matter of fact knowing the source or who is blocking your progress would only bring you bitters of heart.

What you must do is to look for solution, don't be among the people looking for who to blame for their problem rather than looking for Solution to the problem.

I met an old man that came for consultation and he wants to know if his wife is the source of his problem because of his property, he wanted to be sure if she wants to kill him with sickness in other to inherit his property.

I asked, would divorcing her give you good health?

If they have eaten up all your flesh in their spiritual meetings , would divorcing her give you a better life?

Have seen some men divorced their wife and that was the beginning of their unending problem.

I told him, I can't tell you that but I can tell you what you would do that would make whoever is in charge of your problem to run for their life while you have a good resounding good health.

The man is not happy with my answer and I never heard from him again.

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