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Is it possible to have egbe Orun and not know?

Is it possible to have egbe Orun and not know?

Yes it is possible.

Many of us are blinded by religion.

We would see egbe orun but we would think it's evil spirit or someone somewhere was trying to do us evil .

So we would be jumping from one pastor to another and they would all be saying the same thing since they have no knowledge about it.

And they would do deliverance for us and things go soar for us .

That was when we would start looking for a babalawo who will save us from our dilemma.

Some people don't even dream about egbe orun simply because something or someone is blocking it.

Some people even after their egbe orun initiation, they still can't see them.

Well, you did your egbe orun where you are not supposed to do it..

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