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Life is all about self discovery

Life is all about self discovery

Many people visit babalawo and pastor to know who they are and the pastor or babalawo would tell them what they want to hear.

OLODUMARE didn't create you to put the key to you life in somebody's hand.

Why would you be jumping from one place to another looking for what is not lost.

If you want to know about yourself, you need to look inward, search yourself through and discover yourself.

You can do this by doing your egbe orun initiation, egbe orun didi and dream to your egbe orun where they would do some spiritual work for you and they can tell you the taboos relating to their egbe etc.

You can do your IFA initiation where you be giving the key to travel in the spirit realm and discovery yourself .

In short you would discover so many things about yourself once you decide to walk in the spirit realm.

Many pastor are not in the spirit realm, many babalawo are not in the spirit realm.

But they know what you would love to hear and they would tell you exactly what you need to hear .

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