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Omo Omi annual festival

Omo Omi annual festival 

For each Omo Omi around the world, there is a festival they attend yearly.

This festival had its own unique title and it might not be Omo Omi annual festival has it is written up there.

But if you are Omo Omi, in one way or the other you must have attend this festival.

Many people don't know that they used to be festival deep within the ocean.

I have witnessed many festival and I can tell, it is amazing.

Most of what I wrote are my experience through my visit to other realms of human existence..

Some time, we contribute money for this festival, we change form from mermaid or whatever ocean creatures we are into any human being of our choice then come to land and buy some stuff needed for the festival.

I know so many stories have been flying round the internet about Omo Omi and all of the people talking about Omo Omi has never attended any Omo Omi festival neither are they Omo Omi nor ever visited the depth of the ocean to see Omo Omi and their matrons .

I have been there and I know what it is like to be OMO Omi, am abducted as the son of the ORISA.

Don't forget that am the golden son of OBATALA and ORUNMILA.


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