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Omo Omi vs Eleriko

Omo Omi vs Eleriko 

There is a huge difference between Omo Omi and Eleriko.

When we are talking about Omo Omi we are referring to children of YEMOJA and OSUN who lived in the ocean with this ORISA but decided to come to land to play for a while before going back into the ocean.

While Eleriko is an egbe orun that relates to snakes..

Omo Omi doesn't belong to another other Egbe Orun apart from Being Omo Omi.

They may have their own gang or groups I can't say .

Have seen many people confused Eleriko for Omo Omi and many people think Eleriko are a sub division of Omo Omi which is not So.

Every egbe orun had their own symbols and what represents them and that is why in the case of Eleriko, it is snake that represents them.

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