Reason and why you must change your spiritual guide or mentor or Babalawo

Reason and why you must change your spiritual guide or mentor or Babalawo 

If you have spent close to a year with a babalawo or spiritual guide and your life is still at the same point , then you might think of changing the babalawo or pastor or whatever.

Not everyone is spiritual , many are just after the money and they have contact with other Babalawo for spiritual work e.g king wisdom or whatever his name is called .

He has the crowd and platform to make advert, but he himself is not a babalawo but rather have a lot of Babalawo at his door step who claim to be doing spiritual work for people.

Only a thief would follow a thieve in stealing things from people who are not having any idea that they are being exploited.

There is no point in respecting a pastor who is not respecting himself, so you are tasking client because you feel like you have special anointing on your head .

I don't task people.

There is no law that says we shouldn't change our mentor spiritual mentor.

If what you want is not what you are getting.

You need to change the babalawo or pastor or alfa or whoever the spiritual mentor is.

Have seen people complained that they can't travel in the spirit realm even after their IFA initiation, I reply them by saying .

How legit is your IFA ? They replied by asking me if there is fake IFA .

Yes.. there is fake IFA .

This is a topic for another day.

if your IFA is not legit, you would not be able to travel and experience the realm of OLODUMARE.

While others don't do their IFA the way they should be done because they don't know how to take care of their IFA and their OLUWO has refused to teach them simply because the OLUWO want them to always come back to him while he bill them each time they come.

So much for the love of money.

I don't like people to disturb me, so I always tell them and guide them on what and how to do what they are supposed to do.

I can't help everyone, I must admit .

I can only do the little I can do and let those little I help also extend the ladder to some other people.

Some people feel insulted when I tell them that I would have to consult my IFA to know if your IFA is legit.....

I can't help you if I don't know the status of what you are having ...

After the consultation, I would take my time to ask them what they have done so far and what they want.

Many would say that they want more money BLA BLA BLA. Anytime I hear this,I knew this person doesn't need my help.

So people says other things which will determine if I would proceed to helping them or not .

Still on still, I can't help everyone.

I remains OLUWO ODUKUNLE AJE NLA +2347031178647.

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