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The cockroach - The insect that love to go where it would be killed

The cockroach - The insect that love to go where it would be killed 

The cockroach is depicted in IFA as a stubborn creature who would not perform sacrifice. The cockroach also likes to go about where hens are many, regardless of the danger involved.

In the excerpt which follows, the story is told of how Cockroach demonstrated his stubborness by refusing to perform sacrifice and by using his smooth, brown wings to sweep the floor
disdainfully in the midst of birds. 

It is the house rat who makes the middle of the sittingroo;m his pathway.
lfa divination was performed for Cockroach
Who was searching for food in the midst of birds.
He was told to take care of Mc;>l~.
He was told to perform a sacrifice.
He took his Ifa priests for liars.
He took E~u for a thief.
He looked fearfully to heaven
Like someone who would never die.

He bluntly refused to perform sacrifice.
<)runmila said that to eat half a rat
Is taboo in the city of If~. S
Cockroach must not trail his (>dim cloth36
Pompously on the floor in the midst of birds. 

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