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The significance of ancestral worship in African spirituality

Can you explain the significance of ancestral worship in African spirituality?

Ancestral worship in African spirituality is significant as it involves honoring and seeking guidance from deceased family members.

 It fosters a connection between the living and the ancestors, promoting harmony, continuity, and a sense of communal identity within the family and broader community. 

This practice reflects a belief in the ongoing influence of ancestors in daily life, acknowledging their wisdom and guidance in navigating challenges.

So many times one would be faced with life challenges and he need to feed his deceased parents so that they would fight for him in the spirit realm , so that they would not neglect him/her.

African ancestral worship is not biblical as the two Faith are not related.

Don't look at African spirituality with the christian eyes, don't look down on African traditionalist with evil eyes. Etc.

They are more connected with their ancestors and their ancestors guide them physically through intuition and in the dream Spiritually.

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