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What we do in egbe orun meetings

What we do in egbe orun meetings 

Someone ask me today, what do we do exactly in egbe orun meetings .

And I replied an said we do party.

There is nothing special that we do every night when we go to meetings than to go and dance and sing, drink some schnapps and obi.

Some people think we go to meetings at night to go and drink blood or something which is not so.

We are not vampire and we don't drink blood in egbe orun meetings.

What we do is to party all night.

Every night someone host us and bring food with drink to meeting which is enough for us to party.

That is why some peoples money get lost and they don't know how they misplaced it 

Your egbe orun have come and take the money for party.

Now you know why your money is missing .

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