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What will you do to a babalawo that make mistake

What will you do to a babalawo that make mistake 

The truth is everyone make mistake and no one is above mistake.

But we should try and make it minimal.

Even doctors who spend 6years in school also make mistake, even your famous Pastors and Imaam make mistake.

So many doctors forget their instrument in the stomach of patient after surgical operation and you would still have to repay a sum of money to get it removed, they knew it was their mistake but they refused to admit.

Doctors are more perfect that each other but doesn't mean they don't make mistake 

Pastors make a lot of mistake and they are proud of their mistake.

Pastors give wrong prophecy and yet you accept it and live with it for years and you didn't get angry at the pastor.

Who is a babalawo not to make mistake?

The ability to accept once mistake after realizing the mistake and doing the right thing after mistake is the best thing to do.

That is why as a babalawo, always have time to rest , drink a lot of water and take good care of yourself .

Human being a prone to make mistake and it should be less than 0.9 percent.

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