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Freedom is an illusion

Freedom is an illusion 

Many people don't want their life to be controlled and they want the freedom, freedom to do what they want any time they want , wherever they want.

But no one is ever free.

We all live in one bondage or the other.

We all have a hidden master whether we know this or not.

While you are running from being controlled, many peoples life are already controlled by the so called religion.

Religion is some people's master because it tells them what to do or not.

Some people's life are controlled by the man Infront of their sub religion, Pastor, Alfa etc who tied them down with do as I say. etc


Those who are not under the influence of religion got their life controlled by other people who doesn't want them to progress in Life. They have the remote to their life and they do it as they wished.

Politicians controll the life of the masses and everyone is running the rat race up and down.

Those who seek powers are controlled by those who gave them power .

Those who did IFA initiation are controlled by their Ori. Who guides their destiny and protect them from evil.

Your Ori give you a guide, what you must eat and what you must not.

After IFA initiation, some people are told not to go out stating from certain time, some people are told not to have two wife, and so on and so forth.

Some people in their egbe orun are told not to eat a certain type of food, and they listen.

From all the above explanation, tell me if man is ever free ?

Those of us who are the children of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO also have our own guidelines,

Each ORISA devotee has their own rules and guidelines which they followed.

AJE NLA the son of OBATALA also have his own rule .

The truth is that this life is made of laws and rules and the law exempt no one.

Those who failed to follow the rules face one or two consequences and that is why we have babalawo,Alfa and pastors who are supposed to the master of laws , who are supposed to understand the law better than anyone and to help others rectify their spiritual problem.

I want to ask again?

Are we truly free?

Freedom is an illusion because nobody is free.

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