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Is there really a battle between GOOD and EVIL forces

Is there really a battle between GOOD and EVIL forces (Positive & Negative) or are humans  confused about centering the energies?

This is a church concept.

OLODUMARE is not at war with what he has created, OBATALA is not at war with what he has created.

The fight between good and evil is a church concept to decieve the people of shallow minds.

No matter what you do , you must try and balance the forces within you.

Try to understand when you have to strike , try to understand when you have to remain silent.

There is no good without evil and there is no evil without good.

The current bad economy of Nigeria has made a lot of people to be more hardworking, many have now appreciated the earth more by planting .

The bad situations in Life only prepare us for a better future.

I remember I have asked this question from ORUNMILA and he laughed. 

I understand it when I grow higher in the spirit realm.

Look at the way I talked about IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, some people still think of them as evil whereas I saw them as my mothers who are protecting me.

The church has done many damage to our minds than the good they offer .

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