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Is there a reason the ORISA’s take their time to get in to action?

Is there a reason the ORISA’s take their time to get in to action?

 Sometimes they act fast, and 
sometimes it is up to them to decide when to act.

Many reasons why it take ORISA some time to act.

So many people don't know that the way they visit fake babalawo affects their spiritual energies.

Accumulation of this fake and adulterated powers stained your essence and energy.

In fact it turned you to a spiritual fugitive.

One day, you meet a good babalawo who did good work for you.

The ORISA would say down whether to answer your prayer or not, if the ORISA decides to help you, they would take their time to remove all those bad energies from your system.

Sometimes if we have so many spiritual Battles in our Life, until when this battles are over, there cannot be a physical changes in our life. 

This are the reasons why I always tell people to wait for 3 month for them to see changes.

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