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Olugbohun (Voice authority enhancer) and what they don't tell you (The down side of olugbohun)

Olugbohun (Authority Voice enhancer) and what they don't tell you (The down side of olugbohun)

Everyone want to be noticed when they talk, when they talked they want it to happen in an instant or may be some weeks or months later.

Everyone want to be powerful but it come with it cost.

Olugbohun doesn't work on everyone, it has its limit .

Olugbohun only works for people who are shallow minded or people who are not strong enough.

Let's say for instance, you have olugbohun and you confront a strong ORISA devotee who is pure with what they do.

Your olugbohun no matter how powerful would not work on them. You can't command them to do your bidding or placed cursed on them (ORISA devotee). It won't just work.

Apart from ORISA devotee,we have people who are spiritually strong but don't know it. Olugbohun can't work on this kind of people either. If you use olugbohun to pray for them, it won't work. If you use olugbohun to curse them it would not work either.

Many people are shallow minded with shallow spirit, so it make them a prey to olugbohun and anything you said to them come to pass.

Olugbohun cant be used for good. You can't turn bad destiny to a good one with olugbohun.. Never.

Olugbohun is not used for good behavior, it is majorly used for bad things, like commanding clients to pay you your money, 

You command and forces another man's wife to sleep with you.

You placed a cursed on someone because they offend you.

And the list goes on and on.

Olugbohun is not used for good thing at all and that is why olugbohun is always kept away from home because the owner feared it would pick the evil talks of their wife and children , something like you would run mad (if you have an abusive partner or you love to placed cursed on your children).

Sometimes those who have olugbohun are power possess because they think they can do and undo.

Gradually they are turning evil because of what they carry.

Well, I have visited some pastors who uses olugbohun to enhance prayers and it doesn't work for me.

I have visited some Alfa too and still not working.

I loose interest in everything then the path of purity found me.

Well, that is enough story for today.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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