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You can't be an OLOKUN devotee and also join cult

You can't be an OLOKUN devotee and also join cult 

What is a cult and what are they doing there?

A cult is a secret society or group who thinks they are keeping a secrets.

That secrets get OLOKUN angry because the cult are not keeping any secrets from the father of secrets himself (OLOKUN).

OLOKUN is in charge of keeping all the secrets of the world so why would a devotee of such a magnanimous and a mighty ORISA needed another secrets? When the devotee can speak with OLOKUN to showed them the secrets.

It is a taboo for OLOKUN devotee to join any cults and that is why have been emphasizing that a cult or secret group can't offer you anything Worthy of anything.

A cult group would forced their members to do some shits they wouldn't do naturally on a norms but the members don't have a choice.

That is why OLOKUN doesn't want his devotee to stain themselves by joining a cult .

If anyone thinks he is hiding anything, he(any man) is hiding nothing because OLOKUN sees everything and he knows every secrets.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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