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7 days is all it takes for a bastard to die

7 days is all it takes for a bastard to die

I have said it times without number and I would keep on saying it.

If you are earning much or not earning at all.

You need to start thinking about your ancestral way of life .

In my family if a woman bring bastard child, the child would die before 7 days because of the rituals involved.

It would only be painful to the woman because she have wasted a nine month stress and woman are very careful who they marry.

The moment they see that you are a fool , woman would fall in love with you especially if you have money and you didn't have brain.

The ways of our ancestors are not evil. 

Now imagine what happened to this footballer after raising such a wonderful children for nothing less than 10 years .

Well if you still believe Tradition is evil, you will have a way to pay for the mindset . And that way is that you may raised another man's child till you die.

This article is not talking about killing anyone..

It only said you can prevent a lifetime of loosing your life to BP and loosing your property after finding out that your children are not yours .

This article is saying that you should follow the ways of our ancestors, once your wife know that you are well rooted in your ancestral rites and rituals, she would never dare you by bringing a bastard for you because they know the consequences that would happen.

I AJE NLA didn't say we should kill anyone, am not a killer and am not a party to evil.

Just the speaker of truth .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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