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A thousand reason Why you need to protect your pregnant wife ?

A thousand reason Why you need to protect your pregnant wife ?

Most people always see Traditional ways as being evil when it is the only savior they can have .

There are many reasons and a million ways to protect your pregnant why.

Some men are only attracted to pregnant women because they are impotent and they can produce any offspring

Many others are in the habbit of using the unborn child for rituals and source of wealth . They can pay any pregnant woman any amount of money just to sleep with her .

Apart from those who sleep with pregnant women, there are some evil who don't like pregnant woman due to the fact that they are baren or for other reasons best known to them.

Pregnant woman are always prone to various physical and spiritual attack and you must protect pregnant woman at all cost.

In one of my article I said that the reason why pregnant woman put office pin or needle in their cloth is to have the protection of ORISA OGUN.

While it is your duty to monitor your wife so that she won't go and use her pregnancy to sleep with other men because most women can't control themselves when they are pregnant and for the fact that those men would pressurized them or use charm. You have a lot of work to do as a man.

As a man , you wouldn't want to have an imbecile as a child , please make it your duty to protect your wife when they are pregnant 

As AJE NLA the son of OBATALA, I can only talk on few ways to protect your pregnant wife 

You can buy IFA beads for her protection or you can eat OLOKUN concoction for protection and if you have money, you can feed ORISA OLOKUN for ultimate protection.

If you have any ORISA in your family, go and beacon in the ORISA for protection over your wife.

I couldn't say more than this 

The son of OBATALA

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