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Babalawo 102 - Education is good

Babalawo 102 - Education is good 

If you check the long queue of Babalawo,we still have a large number of people who are not educated that much.

Few are having basic education, many have high school while the remaining are having a degree.

Education to my definition is not about the certificate but the lesson that comes with education, the exposure and the mind it unlocked.

Education beings about maturity in those who have it.

The reason why babalawo needed to be educated is because

Clients would not torment or lie to you, many clients would play on your intelligence and you would fall for their ploy.

Client might tell you give them power when In the real sense no man has the power to give to anyone .

Education shows in the way you do and handle your ORISA .

Education helps you to communicate boldly with people across the universe.

People would respect you more because of your education.

The way you do your things would be different and more special than others.

Education is not limited to this write up but I know it is good.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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