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Babalawo 104 - Good name is important

Babalawo 104 - Good name is important 

It is very important to know that a good name is more important than gold and diamond.

While some babalawo doesn't care about their good name or reputation,some are very careful about everything they do.

If your customer are to say one or two things about you, what would they say?

Would your female client says that you rape them?

Would your client says that you are accurate?

Would your client says that your work is legit?

Would they recommend another person for you?

While we all have problems including babalawo, not all problem can be solved by money 

Some problems needed you to see things from another view.

Gradually am becoming known worldwide and for what exactly? Everyone knows one thing about me and that is disciplined.

Almost everyone I met would say one or two things about me being disciplined.

Everyone knows that I have rules and I don't do all sort of things, only legit .

People also say AJE NLA your price is very high and I would reply and say, food wey sweet na money kill am. You want something legit? It doesn't come easy.

What is your name as a babalawo, do people know you for doing good or Bad?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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