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Babalawo 106 - Nobody like Babalawo

Babalawo 106 - Nobody like Babalawo 

Inu egun ni mariwo ngbe Sayor. I don't know how to interpret this proverb but I would try and say something,please don't mind my rubbish.

It says mariwo strive in the midst of thorns..

Nobody likes Babalawo thanks to those pastors and imaan that brainwashed people into believing that babalawo are wicked people.

In fact Nigerian movies portrays babalawo as nothing but evil.

Babalawo's family only see him as evil, friends see him as evil .

Yet the crawl to babalawo house in times of trouble for solution.

They have their IFA with Babalawo and they pay the babalawo to feed their IFA .

Most pastors have IFA and they do what IFA wants .

Many pastors are occult and more evil than babalawo.

Most pastors uses power from babalawo to pull crowd in their church .. yet the announced that babalawo are evil .

Thanks to OBATALA and the change it brings to the world.

The world is changing and the thought of Babalawo as an evil person is gradually going away .

But still, people still find it hard to like Babalawo.

As much as they hat d babalawo, babalawo are doing well.

Babalawo are building houses and doing great things which they never expected us to do.

Inu egun ni mariwo n sayo

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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