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Babalawo 107 - Remember you have a Family

Babalawo 107 - Remember you have a Family

Many babalawo are in the quest to have power and nothing more than power.

Other Babalawo are in the quest to have money and nothing more than money.

While you do all sort of things for your quest for money or power,always remember your wife and children.

Some babalawo knows that this particular work must not be done but because of the money involved they would do it and the repercussions would bounce back on their wife and children.

Some babalawo would evil do a work for someone and at the end of it, the babalawo would pay with his life . What would happen to his children?

Always remember that you have wife and children as a babalawo and don't do anything to make them cry or bring evil on them while you are only focussing on your self .

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