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Babalawo 108 - How save are your details with your Babalawo?

Babalawo 108 - How save is your details with your Babalawo?

I have come again, the son of OBATALA has come again 

Are you sure your details are save with the babalawo or Alfa or imaam that did consultation for you?

We lived in a more wicked world and we must be very careful of who we went to for solution to our problems.

For everyone I have done consultation for, their names are in front of OBATALA for save keeping and for blessings from ORISA NLA.

As I do my morning devotion with ORISA NLA OBATALA, few prayers also goes to those who are my clients because it doesn't really matter if they remember me or not but at least they would remember that in one time of their life they met AJE NLA and their problem were solved.

After which they would be burnt , your safety is important to me.

Someone called me to know how save was his details and when I explained to him , he ended up praying for me.

I have received calls from a lots of people who explain how their babalawo feed their IFA with something bad which leads to his life disasters.

Some other Babalawo uses their client details for something unexplainably bad things .

The world is in a dark phase and you must be careful..

The son of OBATALA

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