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Babalawo that helped you to tie down client would definitely tie your destiny


Babalawo that helped you to tie down client would definitely tie your destiny


Karma, a very potent and powerful feminine energy has her way of doing things, she sleeps and dine with everyone who is yet to understand her ways of Life .

No wonder people say karma is a bitch... Is she really a bitch?

What goes around would definitely comes around, you went to a babalawo to tie client for you and you are very happy on how potent the charm is. Let it be known that as you are collecting the money, you are also giving it to the babalawo.

The evil babalawo who help you to tie down your client would definitely tie you down. Lobatan.

Some of us are very scared of who we deals with especially those who called themselves babalawo or spiritualist.

Before you embark on consultation with any babalawo or Alfa or Pastor, I think you should give them some rest and do some findings on the kind of work they do.

The reason is very simple, any babalawo who is into helping gee boys to tie down client would also tie your destiny down.

You are trying to survive and now you are tie down as a fool only for someone to milk you dry.

So therefore before you visit a babalawo try and know the kind of work he does or else you would turn to a mumu.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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