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Can I use soap to wash my IFA ?

Can I use soap to wash my IFA ?

With the rise of untrained or with the rise of new generation babalawo who want to learn everything on the Internet.

With new age babalawo who couldn't finish learning but are hurry to make their first cash , to babalawo who just based on doing akose IFA soap, body IP soap and the rest of those things.

My articles are based on ancient method and nothing more .

AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again.

When you feed your IFA and you pour palm oil in your ikin IFA, when you feed your IFA and pour animal blood and the rest of other items used in feeding your IFA , how do you intend to make it super clean ?

Well the concept of this article was not to tell you how to clean your IFA neither is it about the ancient method of feeding IFA .

This article is just to answer a question which says ---- Can I used soap to wash my IFA after feeding with all materials including palm oil .

I don't know if you have made the experiment before, can ordinary water remove palm oil from materials like white ceramics and ikin IFA ?

I think I have wasted enough words on my illustration, let me go straight to the answer without any further delay or ado .

You can't use soap to wash your IFA . Be it IFA pot, IFA white ceramics , ikin IFA and other IFA items or accessories.

Why can't you use soap for IFA ?

Well ,to cut the story short. Its a taboo to do that .

To abstain from using soap to wash your IFA , it is best to do the feeding of your IFA the old and ancient way.

To learn the old and ancient ways of feeding IFA ,you need to look for old Babalawo who would teach you the old ways of IFA .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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