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Different between Sara and Sacrifice

Different between Sara and Sacrifice 

There is lot of differences between this two things but people don't know the difference.

Sara is done for many purposes few of which are to buy time or seek help or to seek favor from higher beings and spirits .

Some times after prayer or spiritual work, you are told to do Sara (give to the poor and needy) to gain favour of spiritual beings and ORISA which would enable the spiritual work to do it's thing faster or smoothly.

We do Sara to buy time from our egbe orun because that is what most people do, they buy biscuits, sweets and share to people . They may decide to share other things and buy other things for people .

There are times we do Sara for our loved ones who are in another world or land of the death for us in the land of the living to have a good life , we give them food in form of Sara and they give us their blessings which make things right for us. We do this to gain favour of our lost ones and to make way for us .

Sacrifice on the other hand is what we do out of necessity whether we like it or not but we just have to do it.

AS a parents you have to take care of your child till they reach certain age whether you like it or not.

Sacrifice can be in form of anything, something you do because you believe in the course of that thing .

If we are to look at sacrifice from the perspective of ISESE, sacrifice is what you do that clear those roads for you. It can be in any form .

Sara in most times as to do with you dealing with your fellow humans in order to gain the favor of spiritual beings or spirit while sacrifice has to do with you and the spirit being directly.

For example you carry sacrifices to a junction etc.

There is a thin line between sacrifice and Sara but the line is still visible .

Some wicked people would give sacrifice for their fellow humans to eat and those humans become a living dead. They are used while living but the are dead. Just living .

That is why you have to be careful of what you eat and which party you went or else you become the sacrifice for whatever it is .

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