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Do we need much of IFA building called ile ijuba?

Do we need much of IFA building called ile ijuba?

Almost every dog is backing up and down because of this new magnificent building for IFA by chief elebuibon.

Am not a fan of Chief Elebuibon or any man or woman because the son of OBATALA is a lonely man living in his own world but I think what the chief did was not an ordinary feat. He has done well by our ancestors.

If you are complaining that they used such amount of money to build ile ijuba , is it your money?

Before now our religion or spirituality has Ben silence or muted by others, our identity have been erased and our names is in between death and life.

We have churches in almost every street of this country, we have mosques in every street in this country, why can't we have Ile ijuba in every street?

Let our children walks the street and be proud of our Ile ijuba, let our children be proud of their heritage .

If you check any form in this country, when it comes to religion you would see Christianity or Islam, what happened to ISESE and why is it missing in such forms?

Only fools would not appreciate what chief elebuibon has done. 

Fools are saying we need Jobs etc, is it chief elebuibon duty to create jobs? Is he the politician that stole your mandate or promise something and didn't fulfill it?

I don't think chief elebuibon owe anyone any apologies for doing what he thought was right .

Let isese be on every street, when they are doing revival let us do our own . No one should look down on us and sideline us as if we never existed.

Others who has it in mind to create schools and universities can do that to promote IFA and all the ORISA .

On a final note , everything and every idea is all welcome .

If you have it in mind to create school for IFA , ORISA and ISESE please do it .

If you have it in mind to build Ile ijuba please do.

All forms of idea are welcome In as much as we are promoting ISESE. Why the dispute?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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