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Hidden black powder from the forbidden scroll

Hidden black powder from the forbidden scroll

There are hidden text and secrets from the castle of OLOKUN.

We know that OLOKUN is the father and keeper of secrets, he holds the secrets of the world .

Most times I visit OLOKUN for stories of the beginning of time when the world was young .

I stumble at some scrolls with contain some beautiful hidden but powerful recipe for the following


Removing links and connection within you and the elders that have been making the begging if the elders non fruitful

The powders are now to be sold neither are they to be revealed.

At least I have something for those you actually needed it, those who are my clients in Nigeria and diaspora.

Those who has evil marks on them that the mark didn't allow them to make it no matter what they do.

The mark didn't allow the begging of the elders to work .

The good thing is that, the power is compatible with all stars (Irawo).

The son of OBATALA 

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