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How often should I do Sara for my late parents and loved ones

How often should I do Sara for my late parents and loved ones 

Most people only do Sara for their loved or late ones when a pastor told them to do so.

Many have confused Sara with feeding of egungun but they are not the same . This is a topic for another day or another time .

If you have lost your mother or father then it is your duty to do Sara for them at least once a year.

If you have money and you are well to do, there is no crime in doing Sara for your lost parents four times in a year or two times in a year.

Doing Sara for our late parents powered their spiritual energy and also enables them to be remember and feel the loved they once gave us once again.

Remember they gave us all their loved when they are on earth, let us do the same for them when they are away.

You never can tell which blessing this would bring to you once you feed your late parents.

If you don't know let me tell you that doing Sara also opens doors or blessing .

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