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How old is ORISA AJE?


How old is ORISA AJE?

It's another beautiful Monday today and we all know that Monday is always referred to as AJE's Day (OJO AJE).

The question begging for answer is how old is ORISA AJE

Can you guess the age of age or can you think of when AJE was born or when AJE came into existence.

No one can tell the age of AJE because she has been with mankind centuries after centuries before the invention of currency when the world was still using trade by barter.

Everyone knows one AJE but there are many other AJE. This particular topics about other AJE has sprouts a lot of argument among ISESE practitioners across the globe.

If you look closely, the way different people feed their AJE differs from the other. This is a proof enough that AJE is not just one but the most popular AJE is AJE OLOKUN.

Today unlike any other Monday is the day of AJE.

I prayed that AJE would locate your business and customers would come from all conners of the world to patronize your business in the name of OBATALA.

Kindly say ASE to that prayer ..

The son of OBATALA

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