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How powerful is ileke IFA (IFA bead) ?

How powerful is ileke IFA (IFA bead) ?

Everyone is talking about IFA beads here and there and some are even selling it promising that it does this and that 

Does it really does magic or work like magic?

IFA beads is more like a talismatic or enchanted beads fortified with IFA sacred verses and rituals to perform specific and special task like protection, blessings and the rest.

The question now is that, is IFA beads as powerful as people says it is?

No doubts IFA beads is powerful but it is not as powerful as you might think .

If we are to rank the power and energy in IFA beads then the beads would not contain more than 0.00003% power and energy from IFA and the Cosmo at large .

Evil doers and evil energies operates at a very low vibration and energy. More like a very low frequency and To combat such evil you may need the IFA beads for that purpose.

IFA beads block of the signals from lower realms energies, IFA beads block off lower vibration coming from lower forces which fly around during the day to harm people .

Not many of us operates at a very high level of energy or frequency.

Many of us are operating at a very lower energy than IFA beads itself .

IFA beads offer it's protection and that protection is for limited time and space . May be a time frame of three months after which the beads get lost or got misplaced or it breaks without you knowing the causes of those events .

When this happened then you should know that the IFA beads has finished it work and you need to get another one.

This are few things you can't find or see anywhere but you would heard it from the mouth of AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

I can't talk much or further .

Don't forget 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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