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Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold


Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold

We all loved the fact that we don't like to be poor or lived in poverty .

There is not doubt that AJE OLOKUN is in calabash.

If someone said to you that they want to give you the calabash of wealth,what does it mean?

Normally AJE is inside calabash, invoked in it by a competent babalawo and the receiver would be initiated into AJE OLOKUN.

This process is AJE sise (AJE OLOKUN Initiation).

After the INITIATION, you would have your own ORISA AJE OLOKUN which you would always praise , make sacrifice to everyday .

Having ORISA AJE OLOKUN in your house doesn't guarantee that you would be super Rich because you don't know the kind of head you choose or the destiny you bring from heaven.

Of course having the calabash of AJE means that you would not be poor or living in abject poverty and your life would go on smoothly and gently but don't be faster than your shadow.

Having the calabash of AJE doesn't mean that you would sleep at home and one stupid spirit would be bringing money to you .. never .

What it means to be initiated into AJE is that you have AJE OLOKUN with you and you should put in more effort to whatever you do .

Everything would begin to work out gradually for you if you have AJE OLOKUN calabash.

If you go for contract, it would be giving to you because everyone want to associate with AJE, they would see the sign and symbols of AJE OLOKUN on you .

AJE OLOKUN has a clause, it doesn't work if you still have spiritual Battles in your life to win because AJE doesn't know how to do anything except to bless. She doesn't fight and if there is a spiritual attack or draw back on you, it would prevent AJE OLOKUN from working.

If anyone promises to do AJE OLOKUN Initiation for you or promised that after you have the AJE Calabash, you would be extra rich. Run away from them.

If anyone claims to do any AJE calabash for you and they said you would be receiving bank alert without doing any physical work, just know that you are initiated in a cult or money rituals.

So many Babalawo have scammed a lot of people in the name of AJE, those Babalawo would claimed that they would do calabash of AJE for you and your problem would be over. They are 419.

AJE is a booster to everything we do, AJE doesn't work alone because it doesn't fights . If you offend IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO for instance and you want your AJE to work, it would not work. In fact you would be drooling in poverty.

In my previous post, I analyze that we have spiritual AJE calabash where the ORISA would give you  AJE after a long test and deliberation.

The ORISA individually also blessed people with AJE, the egbe orun also have their own calabash of AJE that they give to their members that is super active and helpful to their egbe orun.

AJE calabash in short is available in every realms and with all ORISA . They may choose to give you or not and that is left for them to do.

IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO also have their own AJE calabash. If you win their loved and they loved you, they would come and give you AJE calabash.

All those ORISA , egbe Orun have AJE calabash which are always giving to people in the spirit realm .

When we talk on the ones done on earth here.

It is either you do AJE Initiation or they do some sort of money rituals for you in the name of AJE or they initiate you into some stupid cult where they would lured and lied to you that it is AJE .

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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I am AJE NLA,the son of OBATALA. I have more insight and full knowledge of what many people don't really know . May be they are not looking or they are more focused on something else while I focused more on spirituality.

All this write up are what I have seen, experience and have had my share in it before I decide to write about it .

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