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Incantation (Philosophy and analysis)

Incantation (Philosophy and analysis)

Why do we have incantation in the first place?

Who taught us incantation?

Incantation are words of encouragement to lift up our souls,they are gyrations to stimulate our energy.

Incantations are words with power, they are powerful on their own and they carry energies with them.

Just like in church when they said they are singing praises to their God but we know they are not praising anyone. They are using those words to uplift their soul into making them think they are closer to themselves or to God in a way. 

There are different levels and kind of incantations, some incantation are authoritative while some are for comparison and many more 

Authoritative incantation for instance is OJO LORO INA N MU GI. Fire burns down a tree instantly. Here you are affirming authority and giving yourself some kind of courage that whatever I said should come to pass instantly.

Comparative incantation for instance is ::: EYIN LADIYE N TO YA RE . Chicks would always follow their mother at the back. This incantation is a comparative incantation where you compare yourself with chicken and you also compare your enemies or competitors as chicks.
Also you are giving yourself some morals that they would always be at your back no matter what they do.

We have so many levels and types of incantations but I just have to mention the two for knowledge and explanation for a simple mind.

Incantation are from observation and insights to the way the world works and from those higher realms that our fore fathers operated, they were inspired by nature to create proverbs, incantations, philosophy, code of conduct known as iwa Pele, culture, language and many more.

Some people believe that the more incantations you have, the more power you have. This is partially true.

Some people are reading the books of incantations or trying to memorize verses from different version of ODU IFA to have their incantations.

The true sources of incantations are IFA, the moment they initiate you into IFA... Your incantation would come to you.

The more you grow in the spirit , the more in-depth your incantation, knowledge , proverb, philosophy etc would be .

Some people find it hard to have incantation, it is a thing of the spirit and you should know that incantation itself is a spirit .

Many people dreams and saw themselves speaking incantations only for them to wake up and can't remember most of it or can't explain why .

If you are dreaming of speaking incantations, you are destined for greatness and you should not delay in your IFA or ORISA INITIATION. 

Follow those who know the Road and are pure .

I don't know if I have make any sense from what I wrote above .

Remember ,
I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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