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ONIMERE the quarrel settler with egbe orun

ONIMERE the quarrel settler with egbe orun

We have all made one promises or the other to our egbe orun in which we have forgotten or deliberately didn't want to fulfill.

This can lead to quarrel or fights between us and our egbe orun.

Many of us made a vow that we would be doing this and that yet we didn't do any of our vows.

There are so many things that causes fight and argument between us and our egbe orun.

In situations like this, ONIMERE is the right ORISA for the Job.

Many of us are in more than 5 egbe orun and we have only fed one group of Egbe Orun while the other groups are left . They would also get angry and this can lead to quarrel and fights.

ORISA ONIMERE is more than just an ORISA for eye opener for seeing your egbe orun, she settles dispute and fights between you and your egbe orun.

When you have begged and begged your egbe orun and they have refused to answer or listen to you, ORISA ONIMERE is the best answer and option for you.

She speak with your egbe and make sure that they are well comfortable.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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