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Ori bibo doesn't require something elaborate

Ori bibo doesn't require something elaborate 

We have this mind that Ori which is our head requests for something big but it is not all true at all.

There are ancient ways of doing things and no matter where civilization has taken us or where the world is going, there are some things that would never change .

Someone want to feed Ori and you said the Ori wants camel, that is what the Ori want to collect.

Where do you want the person to see Camel?

Ori bibo is always simple, can be made simple and it should be extra simplified .

AS a novice I always thought Ori bibo is all about using catfish until I grow in the spirit and I know what I don't know before .

You can use ordinary water to do Ori bibo with it's psalms and verses of Quran..

I know you you would be shocked, all powers are from the same sources just that they are more stronger than the other. 

AJE NLA have seen it all and I know your thoughts.

Everyone has a way of doing whatever they do but I loved the ancient ways of doing things because the ancient ways is always better and effective.

You can use just a white candle and one other items to do Ori bibo...

So also you can use just a leave to do Ori bibo.

No Ori bibo is as powerful as using animals and the same time the type of animals or size of animals doesn't matter. Just follow the 🌟 and you would arrived at your destination.

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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