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Reason why you must wear white to Bed

Reason why you must wear white to Bed

Many people have been told to wear white to bed anytime they wanted to sleep but they have not been told the main reason behind it .

Many prophet and pastors or imaam can't even say something reasonable for this action.

I was chatting with a client yesterday and we bump at this topic , she said one Iyanifa told her to wear white at night before going to bed so as to stop or break communication with spiritual husband .

I laughed when she told me and I had to explain and explain the main purpose of wearing white to bed. After my explanation I had a nudge that many people still need to learn .

Hence I decide to share few insight to this topic.

It is good to wear white cloth to bed and we all know this .

Know this and know peace that whatever cloth you wear to bed would be the same cloth you would wear to dream.

If you wear black cloth to bed, when you fall asleep the same black cloth is what your spirit would wear before coming out of your body to travel into dream land .

Wearing black cloth may prone you to many spiritual attack in the dream world or spiritual world and this would have a bad influence and a bad effect on your life because your spirit would never remain the same. Your spirit would be wounded and faces a lot of tribulation and stress. 

This is what causes some set back for some people. Others would wake up tired . LoL.

If you wear white to bed, your spirit would wear the same white out of your body into the spiritual world. White is bullet proof in the spirit realm as it serves many purpose out of which protection is one of them.

Wearing white to bed would protect you from all forces in the spirit and dream realm . Your spirit would not be attacked and you would do what you went there to do successful.

This is why Babalawo and IFA INITIATe are always advise to wear white all the time or when going to bed.

Many people with a lot of spiritual problems are also advise to wear white .

White garment church also wear white for this purpose but they can't explain it .

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