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The beauty of Anger

The beauty of Anger 

When I was going to church, I was told that anger is a bad thing and it must be killed .

Killing anger and becoming a sheep or faithfooooool is one of the worse decisions anyone can make.

Anger is a beauty on its own and if you embrace that beauty , you would see and enjoy a lot of her.

Anger is not about reacting to everything anyone says or do towards you because you have to be wiser with your anger.

Imagine pastor sleeping with your wife and you couldn't get angry because one imaginary bros J told you that forgive and you becomes a faithfooooool.

If anyone get you angry, out of that anger speak your mind and leave the scenario. You don't have to touch anything or anyone. Just words of mouth expressing yourself in a beautiful way is all that is needed.

If you are elegbe Omo Anger is good for you.

At that point when you are angry, all your spiritual friends and family are with you instantly.

If some people slap you in anger, you would die. If only they can be creative with that anger .

They would bring files of the good and bad character of the people who angered you to judge if they deserve cane or not.

A client explain how he was cheated and he said he was angry, I simply told him to get more angry.

I told him, I can't stop him from getting angry or preach to him. I simply told him to get more angry . 

Getting angry opens some spiritual channels for you and help you to enter some realms of power , that is why you must be creative with your anger and not destructive.

Next time you are angry 

Stay angry for the rest of the day and be thinking of what to do with your anger .

Go to bed with your anger and go and do wonders , the portal which you open via anger would still be opened for the next 16hours ..

Sometimes you need to get angry to go to spiritual war and fight off some battles of your life .

But you are restricted to get angry and so many evil keep on piling up on you.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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