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The hidden law you need to understand before doing spiritual work


The hidden law you need to understand before doing spiritual work 

People always asked me after consultation, AJE NLA is there anything we can do that is cheaper or anything to make doors open for now and when door open, we would do the necessary things .

They would say AJE NLA your price is very high and we can't afford it at the moment , do you have something cheaper for us.??

My answer or reply is always NO.

My reasons are not because I don't have what to give them but because of the following reasons .

1. No human being has the authority to interfere in another people's problem either physical or spiritual . The only FORCES or being that can interfere are the ORISA .

Hence I put feeding of ORISA first in all I do.
To allow the ORISA to interfere before I interfere.

After feeding of the ORISA , then the all the necessary spiritual work may then follow.

At least they have the ORISA to guide all other processes involved.

Breaking of this law is what is killing most pastors and prophets and they died earlier than normal . They think they have power to do and undo but they don't understand the hidden laws of the universe.

Breaking of this law may lead to untimely death, reversal of works back on your family.

This is when a babalawo or pastor do a spiritual work for someone and it bounce back on their children or family.

I think you can understand what am saying.

When this happens, the ORISA would always interfere and help the situations.

2. There is no shortcut to anything, my reputation is much more important. Let's do it according to law.

Am not used to doing sub standard work and sub standard is what people are looking for or should I say can afford .

At the end of the Day, they would say you are fake but they wouldn't say they can't afford the real thing.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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