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The Proper way of consulting IFA by a Babalawo

The Proper way of consulting IFA by a Babalawo

My articles are not for shallow minds, probably they are not ready for the truth.

All ORISA are one and most times they loved to be heard and acknowledge by everyone.

Am not here to teach because many people want me to be saying one or two things so they can note it down or hope to learn but it is such a disappointment that my articles this days would be full of words and wisdom only for few people knowledgeable to understand.

After acknowledging IFA 
Ifa Eleri ipin
Ifa asoro dayo
Ifa this and that 

It is wiser to acknowledge the presence of other ORISA too , passing a greeting to them before proceeding to your IFA consultation.

It is good to acknowledge the presence of other forces including IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Before you start your IFA consultation.

I already know in my mind that many babalawo don't see any reason to acknowledge any other forces or ORISA except IFA .

You are doing well by doing that but if you want to excel excellently then you need to start acknowledging other forces ,ORISA and beings .

Acknowledgement of other ORISA would also make them presence during your consultation. during IFA and ORISA consultation, all opinions are welcome .

By acknowledging other ORISA you are saying their opinion is very valid and important for the success of what you are doing.

All the ORISA are not at war with each other , you might be consulting IFA and OSUN would be there to give you tips to what you are doing but if you don't acknowledge her before your IFA consultation, she would just keep mute and not say anything or she might not even come there at all.

Well, many babalawo don't know this and that is why am here to tell you what you don't know.

Remember every ORISA has an opinion and their opinions could bring a big difference to what you are doing .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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