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The two side of igba AJE (Calabash of wealth )

The two side of igba AJE (Calabash of wealth )

Everyone is looking for the calabash of wealth up and down because they want to be wealthy .

There are two types of igba AJE .

The igba AJE that comes from the ORISA and the ones people try to create for you by themselves.

To accept the igba AJE that comes from the ORISA, you must have done a lot of things in the spirit realm and reached an height before they gave you this igba AJE.

All the ORISA would come together and give you igba AJE after their meetings and deliberation .

After looking at your contribution to the growth of the spiritual realm and your impact to humanity.

This igba AJE from the ORISA is not easy to gain because there are rules and there is no shortcut to it.

The igba AJE that comes from people are the ones babalawo, Alfa , pastor etc are trying to do for people .

I would talk more on this in my next article which says Igba AJE (AJE Calabash) and the dark side untold.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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