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Thousands of reason why you need cleansing after sex

Thousands of reason why you need cleansing after sex 

We have been having sex with another person and we don't know that we need to clean our body after sex .

Some people don't know that sex is an ancient rites and if care is not taken, you might face some bad consequences of sex after having sex.

Some people would agree with me that after sex their life turned around for good while others witness a backwardness in their life after sex.

The same concept of sex is the same reason why you witness progress when dating a particular person and at the same time you witness backwardness when dating another.

If you wouldn't argue much, sex is a portal and a way to communicate with our higher self or the universe at large, you can't find that anywhere .

Someone called me sometimes ago that he is still having sex in the dream with the lady he broke up .

I told him to do one or two things and he has seen changes ..

Without no further delay, below are the few reasons why you need to cleanse your self and body after sex .

To close portal that has been opens during sex

To disconnect yourself from your sex partner 

To disconnect communication in the spiritual real between you and you partner 

To avoid being used in the spirit realm

I can't talk more than this, remember

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