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What is Alfa doing with oshole, is it in the Quran?

What is Alfa doing with oshole, is it in the Quran?

Oshole is not what it used to be anymore and now it is a thing that belongs to Alfa .


It seems Alfa are the ones looking for quick money this day .

They can do oshole for people and they would not do it for themselves.

They would do oshole for you and would collect half of the money after the rituals ..

Secrets of how many Alfa gets money to ride big cars .

Alfa and Muslim clerics have a lots of oshole and all sorts of rituals with sacrifice that I asked if it is inside the Quran.

Can Alfa come outside and tell us which verse of the Quran talk about Oshole?

Please am answer would be most welcome.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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